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Data Conversion
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If you are moving from legacy databases such as Qantel Qicware to a modern, SQL compliant database, we can help with migration.  There are a number of different processes we've utilized to facilitate moving from legacy databases.  Everything from capturing report printouts and stripping data from the report to SQL queries.

If you have equipment with serial ports and need to capture the data stream coming from the equipment, we are capable of interfacing with just about any RS232 or RS422 equipment, collecting the data, parsing it, then writing it to a database, or handing it off to another process through TCP/IP sockets.

You can say that we're pretty much flexible in how and where to put your data.

If you have a Nortel phone system and need to perform analytics on the call detail, we have a program that will import your call detail files and convert them from Nortel format to a MS/Access database.  You can then export ~16,000 records at a time to Excel for further processing.  This program is amazingly affordable at only $250.00.